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I am a new user in Python, I have been following this web page and it has helped me a lot. At this moment I am trying to solve an issue of a variables that can´t be accessed from other modules.

Texto = ' string'
textoMayus = texto.upper()

print textoMayus 

cadena = textoMayus.split () 

import entrada
size = len(cadena)

When I run the moduel2.py python gives me this error: NameError: name 'cadena' is not defined

How can I declare a variable taht can be accessible from any other module...


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When you do import entrada you import the module, not the names inside it. You can either do:

import entrada
size = len(entrada.cadena)


from entrada import cadena
size = len(cadena)

You should read the Python tutorial to learn the basics of module importing in Python.

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