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Note: despite being tagged as Jira/Greenhopper, this question applies to any project management solution that uses Kanban (generically), or at the very least, has some means of defining User Stories.


Let's say a stakeholder / subject matter expert comes to me with a Feature / User Story and says "There should be a button that lets users save their data".

My own internal / mental discourse in analyzing the scenario:

Assuming the role of "Captain Obvious", I know with any UI element there are considerations to be made when creating that button or what-have-you, some may be decided by the stakeholder and some or all left to the discretion of the developer. The visual style of a button, the strategic placement of the button, and the functionality behind the button are all things to be worked on / considered.

The Problem

Because I really like Kanban, I want to create a card(s) representing the User Story that I am deriving from this Feature request, but UI elements / controls pose a problem: They are both form and function. The form often requires code, as does the function behind the button click.

The Question

So, do I create two cards - one for showing the work to define the form and one to code the intended functionality - or do I simply stuff everything into one card because it is indeed just one element/control with one purpose?

After thoughts

This may sound trivial, and certainly arbitrary but I am really wanting the best way to carry my practice forward with creating cards that best convey to the product owner/ team / etc... the work that is involved with a UI feature (what it takes).

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For the user story to be 'done' you're going to have to complete many sub-tasks including (but not limited to) UI design, code-behind design, development, testing (unit, integration, system, user acceptance), documentation.

So in answer to your question, depending on what the user story entails you may need more than two cards, each of these cards containing one sub-task that should take no more than a day to complete.

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