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I have an app set up where a user can nominate a keyholder who will have read-only access to some of their account. The keyholder is just a user with a keyholder boolean field set to true. They also have an access_id equal to the user_id of the account they can access.

Now what I am trying to do is have a link that points to the folders of the user from the keyholder's account, but I'm stumped how to write the link.


<%= link_to 'Folder', folder_path(current_user.folder) %>

would link to their own folder, but how do I do:

<%= link_to 'Other User's Folder', folder_path(user.id = access_id) %>

if you see what I mean? Thanks!

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If I understand you correctly, it looks like you're looking for:

<%= link_to 'Others users folder', folder_path(User.find(current_user.access_id).folder) %>

Now there are better ways to do this. For example if you define the association between the two users in your User model:

belongs_to :access, :class_name => "User"

So now user.access points to the user that can the first one can access. Therefore you can do

<%= link_to 'Others users folder', folder_path(current_user.access.folder) %>
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Works brilliant, thanks for that! –  ecs Mar 5 '13 at 23:10

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