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I have the following route

.when('/users/', { 
    auth: true,
    required: ['user_read'],
    templateUrl: '/js/app/views/templates/user/users.html',
    controller: 'UsersController'

In my LoginController, if it is successful login, I'm trying to redirect the user to that path using


I also have a rootScope listener to check for permission

$rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function (current) {

Why is that last console log only showing

    redirectTo: "/users/"
    __proto__: Object

when I do the redirect from the controller?

However, if I have a link on the template, it is showing

    auth: true
    controller: "UsersController"
    reloadOnSearch: true
    required: Array[1]
    templateUrl: "/js/app/views/templates/user/users.html"
    __proto__: Object

The bottom output one is how I'm expecting the output to be.


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One quick thought: "/users" will be treated differently than "/users/", but that may just be a typo in your post. It's hard to tell must more without seeing it running. Can you post a plunker? –  Josh David Miller Mar 5 '13 at 23:40

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