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I have two tables one called Bank_Account the other Transaction_history the structure is like this:



I need to add the transaction values to the balance of the bank account, however there could be more than one transaction for each account in the Transaction_History(so for example someone could deposit $1000 and then further down in the table withdraw $500). How would i code this so that the $500 is taken from the correct account balance? I've provided an example to try and clarify.

Account 1 has a balance of $5000
Account 1 has $1000 deposited
Account 1 has $500 withdrawn
Account 1 current balance is $5500

My current code does not take the withdrawl from the new balance but the original.

Thanks in advance.

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Making the following assumptions

  • The VALUE column in TRANSACTION_HISTORY is positive for deposits and negative for withdrawls
  • You want to apply all rows from TRANSACTION_HISTORY to the current balance of BANK_ACCOUNT
  • Not every BankID that exists in the BANK_ACCOUNT table has a transaction in the TRANSACTION_HISTORY table

then you'd want a correlated subquery. Something like

UPDATE bank_account acct
   SET balance = balance + (SELECT SUM(th.value)
                              FROM transaction_history th
                             WHERE th.bankID = acct.bankID)
                 FROM transaction_history th
                WHERE th.bankID = acct.bankID )
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Hi, thats fantastic that worked and updated my table but my apologies i did not make clear how do i just output (in the script output dialogue box) the correct values - without actually updating the data held in the database (just as though it was a report) –  Hulaz Mar 6 '13 at 0:12

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