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Is it possible to make my own website as iPhone friendly format when user launches my website in an iPhone browser? Currently if i launch my website in iPhone, it doesn't look more readable and i need to zoom it to see clearly. If i want to provide my website link will be more clear and readable with bold fonts and buttons ( moreover it is like iPhone friendly format) in the first launch itself in iPhone browser, how to make it success? I could able to see some third party websites like and all provide the same logic. How to achieve this and what should i do for that? Where to code?


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You'll need to make a separate version, or at the very least an extreme re-CSSing of your existing site.

Apple has some good tips on getting started here.

There are several toolkits to assist in developing the web apps as well, like this and even this.

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There is a good book to get started. Building Applications for Mobile Safari
There are many PDFs available from Apple.

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