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I am here to ask for your help i am software developer i have been developing business applications for a while now in several technologies such as ASP.NET, Silverlight ,WPF, WCF services, SQL basicly Microsoft technologies this is my background, i have recently started to get into Android\Java, what i am looking for is some guide lines (best practices) on where to invest my time so i can learn as fast as possible and use most of the knowledge that i already have since i am working in this after my working hours and the time ain't much :(

My goal is to develop Business Applications and Games in Android that said:

  • Server communication

    1. Can i take advantage of WCF Services knowledge i have and use them? Whats the alternatives?

    2. SOAP or REST?

    3. JSON or XML?

    4. Security SSL? I cant afford certificates whats the best alternative? Is the encryption enough?

  • Data Storage

    1. Database Engine recommended?

    2. Files -> Encryption?

  • Development

    1. I have been using the Android SDK (ADT Bundle) comes with eclipse as IDE recommendations?

Other suggestions are more them welcome :D

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for the long post

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Read about SQLite for databases, its similar to the sql databases you must have used. The ADT bundle is good.

Read Android Developers Guide : http://developer.android.com

This should be a good point to start.

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Thanks a lot for your answer i will give a look into SQLite :D –  Goblin Mar 6 '13 at 9:42

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