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I'm working on Chef recipes, and often need to test the full run-through with a clean box by destroying a VM and bringing it back up. However, this means I get this message in Vagrant/VirtualBox:

Waiting for VM to boot. This can take a few minutes.

very often. What are some steps I can take to make the boot faster?

I am aware this is an "opinion" question and would welcome some suggestions to make this more acceptable, besides breaking it into a bunch of small questions like "Will switching to an SSD make my VirtualBox boot faster? Will reducing the number of forwarded ports make my VirtualBox boot faster", etc.

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I would go for using LXC containers instead of VirtualBox. That gives you much faster feedback cycle.

Here is a nice introduction to the vagrant-lxc provider.

You could set up a VirtualBox VM for Vagrant / Chef development with LXC containers (e.g. like this dev-box). Then take this sample-cookbook and run either the ChefSpec unit tests via rake test or the kitchen-ci integration tests via rake integration. You will see that it's much faster with LXC than it is with VirtualBox (or any other full virtualization hypervisor).

Apart from that:

  • yes, SSDs help a lot :-)
  • use vagrant-cachier which speeds up loads of other things via caching
  • use a recent Vagrant version which uses Ruby 2.0+ (much faster than 1.9.3)
  • don't always run a full integration test, some things can be caught via unit tests / chefspec already
  • use SSH connection sharing and persistent connections
  • etc...

As an another alternative you could also use chef-runner, which explicitly tries to solve the fast feedback problem

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