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me again. I'm continuing my journey with C and Python.

Today, I happened to be making a debugger. Currently, this is what I have

    from ctypes import *
    from Debugdeclares import *

    kernel32 = windll.kernel32
    class debugger():
        def __init__(self):
            self.h_process = None
   = None
            self.debugger_active = False

        def load(self, path_to_exe):
            creation_flags = DEBUG_PROCESS
            startupinfo = STARTUPINFO()
            processinfo = PROCESS_INFORMATION()
            startupinfo.dwFlags = 0x1
            startupinfo.wShowWindow = 0x0
            startupinfo.cb = sizeof(startupinfo)
            if kernel32.CreateProcessA(path_to_exe,None,None,None,None,creation_flags,None,None,byref(startupinfo),byref(processinfo)):
                print("[n] Process launched")
                print("[n] Process location: %s" % (path_to_exe))
                print("[n] PID: %d" % (processinfo.dwProcessId))
                self.h_process = self.open_process(processinfo.dwProcessId)
                return processinfo.dwProcessId
                print("[n] Error: 0x%08x." % (kernel32.GetLastError()))

        def open_process(self, pid):
            h_process = kernel32.OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,pid,False)

This is where the error spot is, PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS is not defined. However, in the ctypes library, there is an input of that keyword. I have attempted using strings, byte strings, but to no avail. Here is some additional information about the OpenProcess function and about the Process Security and Access Rights

            return h_process

        def attach(self, pid):
            self.h_process = self.open_process(pid)
            if kernel32.DebugActiveProcess(pid) == True:
                self.debugger_active = True
       = int(pid)
                print("[n] Unable to Attach Process")

        def run(self):
            while self.debugger_active == True:

        def get_debug_event(self):
            debug_event = DEBUG_EVENT()
            continue_status = DBG_CONTINUE
            if kernel32.WaitForDebugEvent(byref(debug_event), INFINITE):
                input("[n] Nothing to see yet...")
                self.debugger_active = False
                kernel32.ContinueDebugEvent( \
                    debug_event.dwProcessId, \
                    debug_event.dwThreadId, \
                    continue_status )
        def detach(self):
            if kernel32.DebugActiveProcessStop(
                print("[n] Finished debugging. Exiting...")
                return True
                print("[n] There was an error")
                return False

    debugger = debugger()
    pid = debugger.load(b"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\calc.exe")

So really, I'm asking: What's a bug fix?

Much Appreciated! -Norton

EDIT: Oh yes! here is my Debugdeclares script:

    from ctypes import *

    WORD = c_ushort
    DWORD = c_ulong
    LPBYTE = POINTER(c_ubyte)
    LPTSTR = POINTER(c_char)
    HANDLE = c_void_p

    DEBUG_PROCESS = 0x00000001
    CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE = 0x00000010

    class STARTUPINFO(Structure):
        _fields_ = [
        ("cb", DWORD),
        ("lpReserved", LPTSTR),
        ("lpDesktop", LPTSTR),
        ("lpTitle", LPTSTR),
        ("dwX", DWORD),
        ("dwY", DWORD),
        ("dwXSize", DWORD),
        ("dwYSize", DWORD),
        ("dwXCountChars", DWORD),
        ("dwYCountChars", DWORD),
        ("dwFlags", DWORD),
        ("wShowWindow", WORD),
        ("cbReserved2", WORD),
        ("lpReserved2", LPBYTE),
        ("hStdInput", HANDLE),
        ("hStdOutput", HANDLE),
        ("hStdError", HANDLE),
    class PROCESS_INFORMATION(Structure):
        _fields_ = [
        ("hProcess", HANDLE),
        ("hThread", HANDLE),
        ("dwProcessId", DWORD),
        ("dwThreadId", DWORD),
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Your error message tells you exactly what's wrong: PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS isn't defined, because you haven't defined it anywhere. I don't know what "in the ctypes library, there is an input of that keyword" is supposed to mean, but ctypes doesn't define it for you.

In fact, the only place in the Python standard library where PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS is mentioned is in an undocumented C extension used by the multiprocessing module:

>>> from _multiprocessing import win32

Using that is probably a bad idea, because it is, as said, undocumented.

Because PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS is a macro, there's no way to find out its value through something like ctypes at runtime, so if you want it, you'll have to look up what it is for your system and define it yourself in your code. Though it's probably a better idea to heed the warning in the documentation you linked and figure out a minimum set of access rights instead.

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For Gray Hat Python book, you gotta read WARNING on page 30.

Download and replace it with your current copy.

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PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS = (0x000F0000L | 0x00100000L | 0xFFF)


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Thanks! Worked for my issue. :-) Basically - I was using a different Access modifier, which was giving me the IntPtr, but for some reason, not with enough permissions to get the ProcessToken's current elevation. With this change, I am now getting the proper elevations from my script. – epicTurkey Sep 25 '15 at 19:12
h_process = kernel32.OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,pid,False)

this should be.

h_process = kernel32.OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, False, pid)

checkout MSDN reference.

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