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i am creating .cab file installer for windows mobile application, problem is i need to keep the 90X90 .png image as icon for application.

as per the link

i tried to load the icon,step am following are

1) writing the icon path to registry

2) then loading the icon...

i followed the step mentioned above link,

but the problem is i need to restart my device or emulator to get the 90X90 png icon.. i dont no what is the reason... every time i need to restart.. please let me know, how to fix this probme.. and let me know the reson why its appearing.

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The Windows Mobile shell caches the icon. On your first install on a clean device, your icon will be used. After that, the icon will remain in the cache until the device is reset, so if you want to change an icon with an already-installed app, you have to soft reset to force the shell to reload the cache.

Again, this is only a problem when changing the icon for an already-installed app. It's not going to affect your users when they are installing it on a clean device (and therefore probably is not an issue for you at all).

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it worked for me, as i choose the dynamic method present in the link which i hv mentioned in the above post.. –  Naruto Oct 8 '09 at 6:52

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