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I have a list of strings in ListA, and I need to check if any string from listA is in the ith element of listB. If yes, I need to append a string to listB.

For example

ListA =  [['Chicago'], ['Rockford'], ['Aurora']]

ListB = [['Town', 'Population', 'ZipCode'], ['Chicago Heights', '250,000', '12345'], ['Dallas', '1,700,000', '23456']]

If any string in ListA, is at some point of the string in ListB[0-2][0], I need to append another string to end of the ListB[0-2].

The output would be

ListC = [['Town', 'Population', 'ZipCode','not illinois'], ['Chicago Heights', '250,000', '12345', Illinois], ['Dallas', '1,700,000', '23456','not Illinois']]

Thanks in Advance!

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I'm pretty sure you could benefit from a more sensible data structure here, e.g. a dict, but this basically does what you've asked:

for x in ListB:
    for y in x:
        if any(s in y for [s] in ListA):
        x.append('not Illinois')

Note: this method mutates ListB in place, rather than creating a new ListC.

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