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What I am essentially trying to do is to be able to utilize more Field Types than the very simple 'Text', 'Checkbox' or 'Select' when customizing a form in X-Cart.

Namely, I have custom fields in my User Profile form page (X-cart Admin > Settings > General Settings > User Profiles). The 'Field Type' I'm referring to is visible in this screenshot:


The type of field I want to add is not simple; it is an complex form of a multi-select dropdown.

But for the purposes of this questions let's keep it simple: What would be the better way to add, for example, a choice for Radio Buttons?

Let me know if you need more clarifications.

Thanks! Mat

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So far, with manual wayfinding into X-Cart's architecture I've been able to figure out the following:

List of field types is defined in: admin/user_profiles.php

// Field types
$types = array(
    'T' => 'Text',
    'C' => 'Checkbox',
    'S' => "Select box",

The form for defining user profiles is built in: skin/common_files/admin/main/user_profiles.tpl

The template file that interprets the selected field type is: skin/common_files/main/register_additional_info.tpl

{if $v.type eq 'T'}
    <input type="text"

In the database, custom fields information is stored in xcart_register_fields, and the values for those custom fields are in xcart_register_fields_values.

The database is read and written from: include/register.php


        if (!empty($additional_values)) {

            foreach ($additional_values as $k => $v) {



                    array(  [...]


[Not sure yet]
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