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I now want to use asymmetric Gaussian filter kernel to smooth an image using matlab, because I don't want the equal smoothness in vertical and horizontal(with different size of gaussian mode and different standard deviation). But I cannot find a system function to do this job. It seems that the function fspecial doesn't support this.

So, how can I implement this filter?

Thanks a lot.

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You can apply horizontal and vertical filtering separately.

v = fspecial( 'guassian', [11 1], 5 ); % vertical filter
h = fspecial( 'gaussian', [1 5], 2 ); % horizontal
img = imfilter( imfilter( img, h, 'symmetric' ), v, 'symmteric' );

Moreover, you can "compose" the two filters using an outer product

f = v * h; % this is NOT a dot product - this returns a matrix!
img = imfilter( img, f, 'symmetric' );

if you are looking for a directional filtering, you might want to consider fspecial('motion'...)

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f = v * h; is a more elegant solution imfilter is an expensive operation. I do not want to have two. –  Lord Loh. Feb 3 '14 at 5:40

You can use fspecial with a twist, for example:

 H= fspecial('gaussian',15,2) ;
 H2=imresize(H,[1.5*size(H,1) size(H,2)]);

Using imresize on the filter allows to control the x vs y axis asymmetry of the gaussian. Similarly you can use any type of image transformation (see imtransform) you can imagine to skew stretch etc...

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I wonder if it's better to downsize rather than upsize? –  Mark Ransom Mar 6 '13 at 15:43
it's not the same, it depends that the OP wants to do... I just demonstrated one way... –  bla Mar 6 '13 at 15:45

You can approximate a Gaussian filter by applying a Box filter multiple times. Since the Gaussian is separable, you can do this separately in both dimensions. A box filter in one dimension is a simple average over a linear segment of pixels. I don't know anything about matlab but I assume it can do this. If matlab can do rectangular filters you wouldn't even need to separate it.

For more details about approximating a Gaussian see http://nghiaho.com/?p=1159

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