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I have an artists table and an artists_alias table. artists_alias contains all possible names for the artists.

My query, to grab artist data on multiple artists, looks like this:

$sql = "SELECT artist.artist_id, artist.artist_name
        FROM artists artist
        WHERE artist.artist_id IN (3,9,500);";

Now, I want to also include any known aliases which can be 1 or X. Can I fetch this information within the query above? Or is this a separate query?

I was thinking about doing something like:

$sql = "SELECT artist.artist_id, artist.artist_name, 
       (SELECT * FROM artists_alias WHERE [???])....";

But I get the error message "Subquery returns more than 1 row" -- am I making this more complicated than it is? Can this be one query?

I'd be happy to have the aliases comma separated, so for instance a return row might look like: 3, "ben folds five", "ben folds five,benfolds,ben folds five, folds five"

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You will need a LEFT JOIN against artist_alias to retrieve these. And if you want them comma-separated, use the aggregate GROUP_CONCAT().

The LEFT JOIN is used so that a row returns even if an artist has no aliases associated.

One row per alias (which duplicates the artist info per row):

  /* Retrieves all cols from artists_alias. SELECT only what you need... */
  /* Assuming there's an artists_alias.artist_id. Substitute the correct column name */
  LEFT JOIN artists_alias ON artist.artist_id = artists_alias.artist_id
WHERE artist.artist_id IN (3, 9, 500)

Or the comma-separated list of aliases via GROUP_CONCAT():

  /* Substitute the correct column name for the actual alias */
  GROUP_CONCAT(artists_alias.alias) AS all_aliases
  LEFT JOIN artists_alias ON artist.artist_id = artists_alias.artist_id
WHERE artist.artist_id IN (3, 9, 500)
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Ah, this is great! thank you much! For some reason, I was thinking the LEFT JOIN wouldn't grab ALL values. Shrug. –  Mike Mar 6 '13 at 3:46

If you want to return all the aliases in one row, then use group_concat():

SELECT a.artist_id, a.artist_name,
       group_concat(aa.alias) as aliases
FROM artists artist left outer join
     artists_alias aa
     on a.artist_id = aa.artist_id
WHERE at.artist_id IN (3,9,500)
group by a.artist_id, a.artist_name
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thank you! much appreciated! –  Mike Mar 6 '13 at 3:48

put limit 1 in the end.

select * from tble where a=1 limit 1;

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This doesn't actually solve the problem, it just masks the symptom. –  David Kiger Mar 6 '13 at 3:40

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