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I'm extending dijit.Dialog and adding in a template:

], function (declare, Dialog, TemplatedMixin, _WidgetsInTemplateMixin, ItemFileWriteStore, template) {

    return declare("ps.PrintDialog", [Dialog, TemplatedMixin, _WidgetsInTemplateMixin], {
        templateString: template,
    widgetsInTemplate: true,

In my template:

< select data-dojo-type="dijit.form.ComboBox" id="format" name="format" data-dojo-attach-point="formatCombo" title="Format" >

< select data-dojo-type="dijit.form.ComboBox" id="layout" name="layout" data-dojo-attach-point="layoutCombo" title="Layout" >

This is the usage of the attach-points:

this.formatCombo.attr('store', this.formatStore);
        this.layoutCombo.attr('store', this.layoutStore);

now, the first time I create a new dialog, it works fine. If I then close the dialog, and create a new dialog, this.formatCombo and this.layoutCombo are undefined, and the code fails.

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Is there any issue / error of "Tried to register widget with same id.". If some please remove id from both select tag.

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