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I have a jqgrid as shown and i can filter column Nationality as shown Nationality column filter

And in this JQgrid i can edit any of the cells to change value. Now i click on Nationality of Buyer cell for any row and drop down appears as shown

Check Drop Down values for cell My requirement is as Nationality of buyer can not be "All" i don't want to display that in drop down for cell

Code line :

var defaultCategory = "All";
        var purchaserDtail = ["Singaporean", "Permanent Resident", "Company","Foreigner","All","''"];
        var purchaserDtailStr = ":All;0:Singaporean;1:Permanent Resident;2:Company;3:Foreigner;4:-Select One-";

    {name:'nationality_Code',index:'nationality_Code', width:80,align:"center",editable:true,sortable:true,
                edittype:"select",formatter:'select',stype: 'select',
                              sopt: ['eq'],
                                   var defOption = $("option:contains("+defaultCategory+")",el);
                                   defOption.attr("selected", "selected");
                          sorttype: function(cell, obj) {
                              return purchaserDtail[cell];

If i remove ":All" and keep ":" blank is displayed on top as well. On top filter i want to display "All", but the drop down in the cell, i just want to display either of these four "Singaporean", "Permanent Resident", "Company","Foreigner". I don't want to display All in cell drop down.

is there any way to achieve this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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See the answer by Oleg.… – Kris Mar 6 '13 at 4:52
@Kris: i have checked this post, but it does not meet my requirement. for top filter i want "All" but when i click on cell for that drop down i do not want to display " All", if i remove it grid does not display data and i don't want to replace it by ":", then on top filters all is not displayed – checkgdata Mar 6 '13 at 6:13

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