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In my current project, I have been given task to design HBase tables from a set of RDBMS tables with E-R diagrams. 1) What can be the approach to design HBase tables by looking into the RDBMS tables? I am trying to find out some guidelines for this.

2) And also, while going through HBase material, I have come across row-oriented and column-oriented concepts. Which one is good?

3) Is Column Family a must for HBase? If yes, then how to decide on a column family, after looking at a rdbms table? I assume, that, columns which are changing constantly, should be "values" and can be part of column families, correct?

Regards, Shouvanik Big Data Developer

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Well I've been through the same process the last few weeks and from all the resources I found these were the most interesting. I feel like they can definitely help you.

A very clarifying article about HBase and it's basic concepts:


A video from last year's HBaseCon about how to design a schema in HBase opposed to traditional databases:


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