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I have 5 nodes in my ring with SimpleTopologyStrategy and replication_factor=3. I inserted 1M rows using stress tool . When am trying to read the row count in cqlsh using

SELECT count(*) FROM Keyspace1.Standard1 limit 1000000;

It fails with error:

Request did not complete within rpc_timeout.

It fetches for limit 100000. Fails even for 500000.
All my nodes are up. Do I need to increase the rpc_timeout?
Please help.

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It takes a long time to read in 1M rows so that is probably why it is timing out. You shouldn't use count like this, it is very expensive since it has to read all the data. Use Cassandra counters if you need to count lots of items.

You should also check your Cassandra logs to confirm there aren't any other issues - sometimes exceptions in Cassandra lead to timeouts on the client.

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If you can live with an approximate row count, take a look at this answer to Row count of a column family in Cassandra.

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