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I've been searching around and reading docs about moving widgets around, but I'm still looking for a good example.

I have a widget that I display with a hotkey, and I'd like it to popup somewhere else in the MainWindow rather than the center. If I use move(), then the widget remains in that position regardless if it's parent window changes position. I'd like the widget to be placed in a location inside of the parent widget so that when moving the parent widget, it stays in the relative position. How can I go about doing this?

I read about MapToParent, but I'm not sure how to use this. I tried:

QPoint fD_p = fDialog->pos();
QPoint parent_fD_p = QWidget::mapToParent(fD_p);
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You should reimplement the move event handler in your parent widget void QWidget::moveEvent ( QMoveEvent * event ) and probably the resize event handler.

In these event handlers you can recalculate the new position for your widget and then move it.

mapToParent and mapFromParent methods translate relative coordinates. From the documentation:

QPoint QWidget::mapFromParent ( const QPoint & pos ) const
Translates the parent widget coordinate pos to widget coordinates.

Same as mapFromGlobal() if the widget has no parent.
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