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I have a toggle, and currently it works like this:

if .member-button is clicked it will add .active-sub to .member-button and remove it from .trainer-button. It will also display #member while hiding #trainer

.trainer-button works the same way adding .active-sub to .trainer-button while removing it from .member-button and it will display #trainer while hiding #member.

What I'm having trouble with is when the page first loads, how do I check if .active-sub is added to .member-button and if it is, to remove it from .trainer-button? (and vice versa)

I would also like to check if #member is not set to $("#member").hide(); then to automatically hide #trainer


<script type="text/javascript">


        $('.member-button').click(function () {
            $("#fitness-trainer").fadeOut(function () {

        $('.trainer-button').click(function () {
            $("#member").fadeOut(function () {

HTML: Buttons

<a href="#" class="member-button">Member</a>
<a href="#" class="trainer-button">Trainer</a>

HTML: Content

<div id="member">
member content

<div id="trainer">
trainer content
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$('#mydiv').hasClass('foo'); –  SHAURAJ SINGH Mar 6 '13 at 5:44

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and vice-versa.



Just like the previous answer.

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Try using,

Check whether the .member-button has the class .active-sub by doing the following,


this will return true if it has the class

you can check whether the #member is set to .hide() by,

  // hide whatever you want here...
  // display whatever you want here..
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