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i have some controls on my view like so:

    <td id="name<%=Model.ID%>" ><%=Html.TextBox("Name")%></td>
    <td id="intensity<%=Model.ID %>" ><%=Html.DropDownList("Intensities")%></td>

How can I retrieve the values of these controls with jQuery?

Something like:

var name = $("#name" + id).val();
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btw Alex, you should tag your asp-net mvc questions with "asp.net-mvc" for better answers –  Christian Dalager Oct 6 '09 at 9:40

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In order to reference the textbox the way you propose you will need to give the textbox a custom id like this, supposing you're iterating over a collection of users:

<%foreach(var user in Model.UserCollection){%>
    <%= Html.TextBox("Name",user.Name,new{id="name"+user.Id})%>
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well since <%=Html.TextBox("Name")%> make an input type="text" id="Name" name="Name" /> you could just

var name = $("#Name").val(); alert(name);
var intensities = $("#Intensities").val(); alert(intensities );
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Note that if you are using "User.Name" syntax, then the id will be rendered as id="User_Name" –  Christian Dalager Oct 6 '09 at 7:02
It's basically a way to control the binding. If you have a Model with a User property on it, this is the best way to bind the User.Name. Both on rendering and on binding in the actionmethod's parameters that you post to. –  Christian Dalager Oct 6 '09 at 7:10

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