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I am new to GWT. I am trying to develop a GWT application. In my project I am using a 'DateField' as follows,
DateField dob = new DateField("Birthday", "d/m/y");
When I am trying to run in hosted mode, I am getting the error

java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: null

I am using Google plugin for Eclipse 3.5 (Version - 1.1.1.v200909221731),
Google Web Toolkit SDK 1.7.1( Version -1.7.1.v200909221731),

Please guide me on this. Any pointers are welcome.



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If you could provide some more info: 1) Have you used the Google plugin to create your app? (if so, are you sure you set up GXT properly? extjs.com/helpcenter/index.jsp has a Getting started section) 2) Post the whole (or at least a bigger portion) of the stack trace –  Igor Klimer Oct 6 '09 at 11:30
Yes, I used Google plugin to create my app. I had updated the '.gwt.xml' file with below lines, <inherits name='com.gwtext.GwtExt' /> <stylesheet src="js/ext/resources/css/ext-all.css" /> <script src="js/ext/adapter/ext/ext-base.js" /> <script src="js/ext/ext-all.js" /> Also, I added the gwt-ext jar to lib and classpath. Am I missing any configuration now ? –  user184794 Oct 6 '09 at 15:08
Stack trace,<br> java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: null at todos.client.Todos.printToDosOfSelectedProject(Todos.java:325) at todos.client.Todos.access$2(Todos.java:270) .................. at com.google.gwt.dev.HostedMode.main(HostedMode.java:232) Caused by: com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError): $wnd.Ext has no properties fileName: jar:file:/home/sindhu/eclipsews/todos/war/WEB-INF/lib/gwtext.jar!/com/gwtext/cli‌​ent/widgets/Component.java lineNumber: 118 –  user184794 Oct 6 '09 at 15:11
Aaaand what's on Todos.java:325? DateField dob = new DateField("Birthday", "d/m/y");? Some source code would be nice ;) –  Igor Klimer Oct 6 '09 at 17:40

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