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I try to run j boss 7.1 according to read me I go to j boss home and run standalone.bat \bin\standalone.bat then command prompt gives a massage"calling \bin\standalone.conf.bat " that's all please help me to fix this .I' m using windows 7 , inside the oracle virtual box

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Try to set JAVA_HOME environment variable (and JBOSS_HOME if needed) as mentioned in stackoverflow.com/questions/11260137/…. –  Paweł Wyrwiński Mar 6 '13 at 6:52

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By using \bin\standalone.bat you're telling Windows that, assuming you're drive name is C, to look for the command in C:\bin\standalone.bat. If you're in the directory of your JBoss install, generally referred to as JBOSS_HOME, add a . to the beginning of the command.



If you do have a JBOSS_HOME directory set you could do:

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