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i have this html code into my page, i can get first 3 number and between of ()


<option value="702(3)00">


max_exam=$('#at_exam_'+val+' option').filter(":selected").val().match(/\((\d+)\)/)[1];
exam_code=$('#at_exam_'+val+' option').filter(":selected").val().match(/^\d+/);

how to get 00 end of option value?

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Use split method:

var value = $('#at_exam_'+val+' option').filter(":selected").val(),
    parts = value.split(/\(|\)/);

will give you parts as an array:

["702", "3", "00"]
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also of note: doing this will enable OP to do the expensive jQuery selection and filtering once instead of three times. – Scott M. Mar 6 '13 at 6:28

There's a bunch of ways to do it. I like dfsq's answer, but you can also do the same idea as your exam_code assignment above, just using the end of line instead of the beginning of line match:

last_group=$('#at_exam_'+val+' option').filter(":selected").val().match(/\d+$/);
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