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I am very new in Neo4J concepts. I would like to know how, if there is any way, to list all the possible nodes connected to a particular node after it has been deployed in the graphdb format. To put it simply, I have been able to import a tab seperated .csv And now I would like to know if it is possible to list all the neighbours of any particular node, whose id can be passed as parameter.

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You can do this in multiple ways. One of them is to use a Cypher statement like below:

START n=node({nodeId}) MATCH n-[*1..1]-m RETURN m;

If you're using Java, you could use the traversal API as follows:

for (final Path position : Traversal.description()
    .evaluator(Evaluators.excludeStartPosition()).traverse(yourStartNode)) {
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there's no need to use n-[*1..1]-m. simply use n--m. –  ulkas Mar 6 '13 at 8:47

i would add to the tstorms answer a collection, so you will get all nodes+ collection of neigbours in one row:

START n=node({nodeId}) MATCH n--m RETURN n,collect(m);

or for all nodes and their neighbours:

 START n=node(*) MATCH n--m RETURN n,collect(m) order by Id(n);
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