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I have an old project (written by someone else) that makes use of Script#. I've never used this tool before, so this question might seem rudimentary to some. Anyway, I tried to open the solution, but some of the projects fail to load because of this line:

<Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)\ScriptSharp\v1.0\ScriptSharp.targets" />

I've installed Script# as described here but it still doesn't create that folder.

So, how can I get around this so that I can open/build the projects?

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Change that old <Import/> statement to

<Import Project="..\packages\ScriptSharp.0.8\tools\ScriptSharp.targets" />

and add scriptsharp with Nuget.

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Thanks, that fixed it. However, installing Script# from nuget created folder ScriptSharp. and not ScriptSharp.0.8. Where can I get the 0.8 version? –  George Mar 6 '13 at 8:27
The released version is 0.7.x. For 0.8, you need to get the CC branch and build it yourself. Check the instructions @ github.com/nikhilk/scriptsharp/wiki/…. You will need to point your project to the private nuget package source. –  Nick Karnik Mar 6 '13 at 9:50
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