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In my GraphDatabase I have following data.

1)Senders as Nodes 2)Receivers as Nodes 3)Keywords as relationship between sender and receiver 4)Timestamp as relationship property.

I need to extract top 5 keywords , their count and corresponding timestamp value over a week using cypher query. (Simply I want to maintain a timeline((time stamp is in format of :Tue Mar 05 12:40:36 ) for my top 5 keywords in last 7 days)

Can someone please help me on this.

Thanks in Advance


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You'll probably want to convert your dates to a Long timestamp. Then use something like this in your Cypher statement: WHERE rel.timestamp > 54341564654 where the number represents the timestamp of 7 days ago – tstorms Mar 6 '13 at 7:48

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start n=node(*)
match n-[r:]-m
where has(r.timestamp) and r.timestamp>({now-(60*60*24*7)}) //60 second, 60 minutes, 24 hours, 7 days = 7 days timestamp period;
with r, count(*) as cnt
return type(r), cnt order by cnt desc limit 5

keep the time format as a long timestamp as tstorms suggested

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