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An abstract class, in this case System.Reflection.MethodBase, is requiring the implementation of the entire interface, which is fine. But it has this abstract member:

internal abstract ParameterInfo[] GetParametersInternal ();

and the F# compiler complains:

No implementation was given for 'MethodBase.GetParametersInternal() : ParameterInfo[]'

How can I implement this internal member, which I don't have access to? Or just ignore this and implement the public members.

If I do try to force the override:

override this.GetParametersInternal() = parameters |> List.toArray

I get:

No abstract or interface member was found that corresponds to this override.

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You're probably trying to build F# 3 with Type Providers. This is a bug in Mono 3.0.6: https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10884

It was fixed just two days ago, so just wait for 3.0.7, unless you'd like to compile Mono yourself.

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Yes, I'm using Type Providers. And yes, it happened with 3.0.6. Thanks. –  rozgo Mar 6 '13 at 22:50

You can't override this memeber - internal members are only visible to types in the same assembly. MethodBase is defined in mscorlib, so GetParametersInternal is visible only to other types in that assembly, which your code isn't.

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Like Lee said, you should not be able to override an internal member from another assembly. I do not see any compiler errors when doing basic inheritance - below compiles fine:

type MyMethodBase() = 
    inherit System.Reflection.MethodBase()
    override this.Attributes with get () = failwith ""
    override this.GetMethodImplementationFlags() = failwith ""
    override this.GetParameters() = failwith ""
    override this.Invoke(obj, invokeAttr, binder, parameters, culture) = failwith ""
    override this.MethodHandle with get() = failwith ""
    override this.DeclaringType with get() = failwith ""
    override this.GetCustomAttributes(attributeType, inh) = failwith ""
    override this.GetCustomAttributes(b) = failwith ""
    override this.IsDefined(attributeType, inh) = failwith ""
    override this.MemberType with get() = failwith ""
    override this.Name with get() = failwith ""
    override this.ReflectedType with get() = failwith ""
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