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class Cat extend AppModel{
   public static function getCat($medium=NULL){
       $allcat = $this->Cat->find('all', array('contain' =>false,
                'conditions' => array('Cat.c_medium' => $medium), 
                 'order' => array('Cat.c_name' => 'asc')));
       return $allcat;

I want to access this method from default.ctp like Cat::getCat('eng'); but this is not working, Please help me.

Error :- Fatal error: Class 'Cat' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\app\View\Layouts\default.ctp on line 100

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You need to App::uses() the classes you want to use in your files. For the view it is usually better to do this in the controller at the very top:

     App::uses('Cat', 'Model');

Now the Cat model can be accessed in all controller actions and their views - especially via static access (for non-static access ClassRegistry::init() usually takes care of the including itself).

But in your case you are abusing static methods here. You should only access models statically for non-query-methods.

This method here should have never been static in the first place. Use the controller to call this method and pass the results down to the view.

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There's an error in your example; 'Car' should be 'Cat' according to the question – thaJeztah Mar 6 '13 at 16:22
Very true - thx! – mark Mar 6 '13 at 16:37

There are some errors in your code;

  1. class Cat extend AppModel should be class Cat extendS AppModel (not the extra 's' in extends)
  2. Using $this in a static method is NOT possible. Static methods do not have an 'instance' of the class to refer to so $this will produce errors
  3. You're using $this->Cat->find(...) inside the Cat model, itself, it should simply be $this->find(...)

Normally, you don't access Models inside your Views or Layouts. Models are used within your Controller and results passed to the view by providing them as 'viewVars';

// Your controller

class MyController extends AppController {
    // Specify the Models you want to use
    public $uses = array('Cat');

    public function my_action()
       $this->set('my_view_var_name', $this->Cat->getCat('eng'));

// The view (app/View/My/my_action.ctp):


Via ClassRegistry::init()

If you want it's possible to get an instance of a Model anywhere, also inside a View/Layout;


// Inside app/View/Layout/default.ctp

$cats = ClassRegistry::init('Cat')->getCat('eng');
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I am using this code -

Try this

  $cats = ClassRegistry::init('Cat')->getCat('eng');
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