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Is it possible to make a responsive layout for a website in HubSpot?

I have never worked with HubSpot, Therefore I would prefer to know first if it is possible.

If that's the case, could you give me a idea of how this is done? You don't need to write a whole manual : P The website should be good looking on mobile. Mobile.CSS.

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Full disclosure: I'm currently a developer at HubSpot.

Yes, responsive UIs with HubSpot are completely possible. Currently it's not super-easy, but the new Content platform that we're working on will make this much easier. The good news is that you can already use the new template builder (and/or templates from the Marketplace) for your landing pages and they're automagically responsive and mobile-friendly.

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I built a site on Hubspot for a client who wanted me to mimic this Wordpress Theme: http://themeforest.net/item/sterling-responsive-wordpress-theme/2320578

I got it all working nice. The site is not live yet so I can't show you that but it works just like the Sterling demo.

Hubspot already has a mobile.css file. Just as you add to/override Hubspot's css by making a custom.css file, you can make a mobile.css file to add to/override Hubspot's default mobile settings.

You should be able to find the mobile.css file through your browser's developer tools.

I use chrome. So... Inspect Element > Click on the network tab.

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