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$elementDecoration = array(
        array(array('data'=>'HtmlTag'), array('tag' => 'td', 'valign' => 'TOP')),
        array('Label', array('tag' => 'td')),

        $username = new Zend_Form_Element_Text('username');

Output like below

    <td id="username-label">
        <label for="username" class="required">username</label>
<td valign="TOP">
    <input type="text" name="username" id="username" value="">
        <ul class="errors"><li>Value is required and can't be empty</li></ul>

But i want output like below

    <td>User Name:</td>
    <td colspan=2><input name="username"/></td>
    <td class="error_msg" colspan=2>Required</td>
  1. as well i want same like above.
  2. as well, want to remove ul li.
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please read and understand the following:

To render the form into a table:

    array('HtmlTag', array('tag' => 'table')),

Plus, you'll need to ensure the elements and labels are in table data and table rows:

    array('decorator' => array('td' => 'HtmlTag'), 'options' => array('tag' => 'td')),
    array('Label', array('tag' => 'td')),
    array('decorator' => array('tr' => 'HtmlTag'), 'options' => array('tag' => 'tr')),

For your 'submit' button, you'll want to modify the decorators so the submit spans both columns:

            'decorator' => 'ViewHelper',
            'options' => array('helper' => 'formSubmit')),
            'decorator' => array('td' => 'HtmlTag'),
            'options' => array('tag' => 'td', 'colspan' => 2)),
            'decorator' => array('tr' => 'HtmlTag'),
            'options' => array('tag' => 'tr')),

The above code will give you table like below. Now you can edit upto your need. Your last table structure was not clear as the first has only 1 column and the 2nd has a with colspan=2.

   <td><input type="text" name="test"></td>
   <td colspan=2><input type="submit"></td>
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i am looking like table tr td label name tr td input box tr td label name tr td input box – Bharanikumar Mar 6 '13 at 10:56
i dont fin doutput different between your code and min – Bharanikumar Mar 6 '13 at 10:57
I was not clear with your requirement from the description you gave so i gave you an idea how to use Zend helper, now you can edit it accordingly. – Saurabh Sinha Mar 6 '13 at 10:59
see my TR TD code snippet, i am looking same like – Bharanikumar Mar 6 '13 at 11:21
please look at the code. 1st tr contains 1 td so how could 2nd and 3rd tr contain colspan=2 in td – Saurabh Sinha Mar 6 '13 at 11:23

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