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I have a app and in this app it is possible with a function to replace some characters in a word with a other character

var newCharacter = "H";

if (/*something happens here and than the currentCharacter will be replaced*/)
    // Replace the currentCharacter in the word with a random newCharacter.
    wordString = wordString.Replace(currentCharacter, newCharacter);

now all the characters will be replaced with the code above with the "H". But i want more letters so by example the H, E, A, S

what is the best way to do this?

When i do this:

var newCharacter = "H" + "L" + "S";

it replaced the currentCharacter with H AND L AND S but i just want it to replace with H OR L OR S not all three

so if you have a word with HELLO and you want to replace the O with the newCharacter my output now is HELLHLS O -> HLS but O needs to be -> H or L or S

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Hi Bert, the code you posted just declares a local variable, we will need more explanations / code to be able to understand exactly what you're trying to achieve and help you. Which letters are replaced by 'H' ? Do you want to replace a letter by more than one other letter ? Based on what ? It isn't clear to me. –  Julien Mar 6 '13 at 8:55
I read this for the 5th time now and still dont understand what you need, could you provide an example input / output –  CloudyMarble Mar 6 '13 at 8:56
@Julien the var NewCharacters will replace the currentCharacter this could be a O or T whatever.. My app now just replace 1 currentCharacter with 1 newCharacter but i want more newCharacters so the currentCharacter will not replaced only with the H but also with other letters. –  Bert Ernie Mar 6 '13 at 9:02
So you want to replace each occurences of a given letter in a word by other letters chosen at random ? –  Julien Mar 6 '13 at 9:02
Yes, the newCharacter "H" is a random choosen letter this could also be a B or D but i want to have more letters to replace so the currentCharacters will not be replaced only with H but also with other random letters. –  Bert Ernie Mar 6 '13 at 9:05

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Here is a way to do using LINQ.You can add the characters you want to remove in the array excpChar

char[] excpChar= new[] { 'O','N' };
string word = "LONDON";

var result = excpChar.Select(ch => word = word.Replace(ch.ToString(), ""));
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The Replace function replaces all the occurences at once, this is not what we want. Let's do a ReplaceFirst function, only replacing the first occurence (one could make an extension method out of this):

static string ReplaceFirst(string word, char find, char replacement)
    int location = word.IndexOf(find);
    if (location > -1)
        return word.Substring(0, location) + replacement + word.Substring(location + 1);
        return word;

Then we can use a random generator to replace the target letter with different letters through successive calls of ReplaceFirst:

string word = "TpqsdfTsqfdTomTmeT";
char find = 'T';
char[] replacements = { 'H', 'E', 'A', 'S' };
Random random = new Random();

while (word.Contains(find))
    word = ReplaceFirst(word, find, replacements[random.Next(replacements.Length)]);

word now may be EpqsdfSsqfdEomHmeS or SpqsdfSsqfdHomHmeE or ...

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You can do like following :

string test = "abcde";
var result = ChangeFor(test, new char[] {'b', 'c'}, 'z');
// result = "azzde"

with ChangeFor :

private string ChangeFor(string input, IEnumerable<char> before, char after)
    string result = input;
    foreach (char c in before)
        result = result.Replace(c, after);
    return result;
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