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I want to attach a screenshot to the bug in Bugzilla via code. I am using J2Bugzilla API but unable to find the required method. Please suggest if any other API for attaching a file in Bugzilla using Java.

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Have you found solution and can you share ? I am using a python module for interacting with Bugzilla over XMLRPC My Bugzilla version is 4.2.3 By using add_attachment method I can upload files with different extensions (.zip, .jpg etc) , but uploaded files got corrupted. So, I am not sure if this Bugzilla Attachment API is stable or not.. – Khokhar Jan 10 '14 at 14:52

To attach any file with J2Bugzilla, you must first create an Attachment:

byte[] data = ...;//Read the data as a byte array from the image file

AttachmentFactory attachmentFactory = new AttachmentFactory();
Attachment attachment = attachmentFactory.newAttachment()
    .setMime("...")//Set the appropriate MIME type for the image format
    .setSummary("My screenshot")

Then, you can add it to an existing bug report using AddAttachment:

AddAttachment add = new AddAttachment(attachment, bug);
//'bug' is a Bug you have previously retrieved
//'conn' is the BugzillaConnector
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Will this work for bugilla version 3.6 ? – Harshavardhan Konakanchi May 3 '13 at 6:25
No, it will not, as the WebService docs indicate. However, this could be better explained in the API documentation. – Tom G May 3 '13 at 15:25
For which version does this code works fine ? – Harshavardhan Konakanchi Jun 18 '13 at 8:58
It works for Bugzilla 4.0 and up. – Tom G Jun 18 '13 at 11:35

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