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According to the docs, this should be sufficient to grant documentation to the same members of a class

/** Same documentation for both members. Details */
void member1();
void member2();

My case is very similar. I have

  /*! \brief comment blah blah
   *  \param one param
   *  \param two param
   *  \return return
   Foo &member1(MyEnum one, Foo & two)
   Bar &member2(MyEnum one, Bar & two)
   Baz &member3(MyEnum one, Baz & two)

I tried but I get the description only on the first one. Am I missing something?

Edit: Ok, I tried their example

/** A class. Details */
class Test
    /** Same documentation for both members. Details */
    void func1InGroup1();
    void func2InGroup1();

    /** Function without group. Details. */
    void ungroupedFunction();
    void func1InGroup2();
    void func2InGroup2();

void Test::func1InGroup1() {}
void Test::func2InGroup1() {}

/** @name Group2
 *  Description of group 2. 
/** Function 2 in group 2. Details. */
void Test::func2InGroup2() {}
/** Function 1 in group 2. Details. */
void Test::func1InGroup2() {}

/*! \file 
 *  docs for this file

//! one description for all members of this group 
//! (because DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC is YES in the config file)
#define A 1
#define B 2
void glob_func();

And it produces a result that is different from their proposed result. Again, I see no grouping, nor many other descriptions (e.g. the "A class" is not there). At this point I don't know. I am using the latest version.

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Have you set DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC to YES? –  doxygen Mar 7 '13 at 19:04
@doxygen Please post it as an answer, so that I can upvote, confirm and worship you. –  Stefano Borini Mar 8 '13 at 8:12
As a lateral note, I think there should be a comment in Doxygen documentation page that the feature will not work with the default Doxyfile, and that the option must be enabled. –  Stefano Borini Mar 8 '13 at 8:13

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Remember to set DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC to YES.

I post this as an answer as it appears @doxygen will not do it, credit where credit is due

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