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Here i am calling the method from the hosted RESTful service in my browser


and getting the following error

The message with Action '' cannot be processed at the receiver, due to a ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. This may be because of either a contract mismatch (mismatched Actions between sender and receiver) or a binding/security mismatch between the sender and the receiver. Check that sender and receiver have the same contract and the same binding (including security requirements, e.g. Message, Transport, None)

Config file

      <service name="LinkService.LinkService" behaviorConfiguration="MyServiceBehavior">
        <endpoint address="" binding="webHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="https" contract="LinkService.ILinkService" />
    <endpoint contract="IMetadataExchange" binding="mexHttpsBinding" address="mex" />
        <binding name="https">
          <security mode="Transport">
            <transport clientCredentialType="None" />
        <behavior name="MyServiceBehavior">
          <!-- To avoid disclosing metadata information, set the value below to false and remove the metadata endpoint above before deployment -->
          <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="false" httpsGetEnabled="true"/>
          <!-- To receive exception details in faults for debugging purposes, set the value below to true.  Set to false before deployment to avoid disclosing exception information -->
          <serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="true"/>
        <behavior name="web">
<serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="false" multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true"/>
        <standardEndpoint name="" helpEnabled="true" automaticFormatSelectionEnabled="true"/>


   public Student GetStudent()
            Student stdObj = new Student
                StudentName = "Bala",
                Age = 29,
                Mark = 95
            return stdObj;



    public interface ILinkService
        [WebInvoke(Method = "GET", UriTemplate = "/GetStudentObj", BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Bare, RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json,ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
        Student GetStudent();

Any suggestion?

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For what is worth, this answer may be useful – DanielV Jul 28 '15 at 14:28
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Add behaviour configuration in <endpoint address /> tag

  <endpoint address="" binding="webHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="https" contract="LinkService.ILinkService" behaviorConfiguration="web"/>
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