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Eclipse - 3.7

Pydev - 2.6

I use PyDev for Eclipse and I have several dependencies on my project. I DO NOT WANT to add them manually to PyDev using the UI. Instead I have a script that prints


When I edit the .pyproject and add these elements eclipse seems to resync the project to says "resource is out of sync" and when I refresh I get the empty .pyproject file.

It happens in only one project though. Why does this happen and how do I edit it manually?

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Ok this was totally my fault. The giveaway was that this only happened in one project. The script I created for generating the .pydev project file was an invalid XML file (some closing fragment was missing)

May be we could have a feature to check if a given xml is valid and alert the user. The "resource out of sync" message did not make this clear at all

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