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I am not an experienced person in db related parts. Here is my doubt. i am using MySQL I have two tables assume

  • project (columns :- pid, folder_id, p_name)
  • folder (columns :- folder_id, name)

And i created two triggers for table project

  • trgr_project_before_insert
  • trgr_project_before_update

And there is a foreign key relation with folder and project. ie folder_id in folder table is referring in 'project' table. And i set "ON DELETE" action with "Set null" in project table. ie when the "folder_id" deleted in folder table then MySQL will set NULL for those rows have deleted "folder_id"

And in my "trgr_project_before_update" trigger i have some code that checking

NEW.folder_id IS NULL THEN 
 --some code are here 

when i delete one "folder_id" from folder table then all the rows have that "folder_id" are set with NULL i think its updating the table. but the trigger "trgr_project_before_update" doesn't work(codes inside my checking) why is that.

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it seems like a MySQL bug - bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=11472

When rows of a table are updated/deleted indirectly as a result of a foreign key definition on the table, triggers on that table are not executed as required

They says like "We should fix in 5.1" please check MySQL version.

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