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I have a mobile app where users can upload JPGs but I want to limit the size of the image before sending it to my GAE blobstore. I don't want to have to force a user to resize the image they want to upload but rather just do it on the fly. Anyone got a way to do this without distorting the image?

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There is no straight forward way to do it and no third party library in gwt yet for this.

Option 1

The best you can try is for GWT wrappers over html5 apis . You can track this on another stackoverflow question Image resizing client-side with javascript before upload to the server

Option 2

Upload and process on server side before pushing to GAE blobstore.

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If I am correct blobstores maximum file size is around 2Gb. And you can send around 1Mb of data in one request of GAE blobstore service.

There is an app called AppImage that divides the file into smaller pieces. For more info on that click the below link

Large Image Resizing for Google App Engine

This is just a thought : why do you want to upload it through GAE as you can directly upload it to blobstore unless it greater the 2Gb !!!!

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My app will hopefully have lots of small images and I don't want to gobble up my free datastore space with just a handful of images. Also I don't want users having to download files any bigger than a couple of KB for performance reasons –  MayoMan Mar 6 '13 at 12:09
The trade off is between client side performance and code complexity vs server side bandwidth and server side cpu usage. –  SSR Mar 7 '13 at 9:03

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