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I am using command line arguments to pass some configuration to the windows service (it will be few instances with different command lines).

My code looks like this:

HostFactory.Run(x =>                                 
    x.Service<MyHost>(s =>
        s.ConstructUsing(name => new MyHost());
        s.WhenStarted(tc => tc.Start());             
        s.WhenStopped(tc => tc.Stop());              
    x.AddCommandLineDefinition("sqlserver", v => sqlInstance = v);

When I install service I use:

myhost.exe install -sqlserver:someinstance

Unfortunately, sqlserver command line options is available only on install phase, and do not go to the parameters of the service. So when I run service, I do not get parameter value I need.

Is there any way to modify command line of the service started by TopShelf?

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You can't easily do it at this point. I would review this thread on the mailing list


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You can't modify the command line passed to the service. I get around this by saving those parameters to configuration next to the exe. So a user can do this:

service.exe run /sqlserver:connectionstring

and the app saves the connectionstring to a file (either using System.IO.File or using ConfigurationManager)

Then, if the user does this:

service.exe run

Or if the service runs as a windows service, then the app just loads from config.

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