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Is it possible to play mpeg, avi, divx or other video types in Flex or do they need to be converted?

I've looked around and I can only find that flv files are supported.

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Short answer: No.

Long answer:

From "Programming Flex 3" (O'Reilly), p. 295:

Flash Player supports four video codecs: H.264, On2 VP6, Sorenson Spark and Screen. Unless you have existing encoded Flash video, the H.264 codec will be optimal, as it currently has the best support for high-quality video playback

To display video that is encoded as any of the above, the Flex framework uses the VideoDisplay component which expects a flv file as an argument.

The VideoDisplay component is in the Flex language reference here and for completeness, have a look at the Adobe forum thread linked to from Tanmay's answer.

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no, by flash alone no. you either have to convert them in flv or stream them somehow in flv format.

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This question was discussed in Adobe forum


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