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i dont have a write access to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and i can see that client_max_body_size is set to a lower value than i need. Before i can contact the server administrator and get that bumped up, is it possible to override that using php.ini?

the setup is Drupal using Nginx on a CentOS machine.

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No way.

This is an nginx related setting, PHP is not inside nginx (it is another server, quite certainly a php-fpm daemon), so there is absolutely no way for any PHP manipulation to alter the web server settings.

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But then will it be possible to have a local nginx.conf file in the code, which can be included in the global nginx.conf file and which can override the settings in the global nginx.conf file? – Ranjan Mar 7 '13 at 8:02
something like a .htaccess :-), no, but client_max_body_size can be set on 3 levels: global, virtualhost, or location. This is something that should be in your nginx virualhost settings. And in nginx this is by definition the job of the http server manager, give him your config. – regilero Mar 7 '13 at 8:46

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