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How do you write multiple background gradients using Compass? The docs only show examples of writing a single gradient at a time and I can't find anything about it by googling except a google group discussion that went quiet over two years ago! There must be a way of doing it cos layering up gradients is quite common practice I thought!

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You should write them like so:

  @include background( linear-gradient(top left, #333, rgba(1,1,1, .3)),
                       radial-gradient(#c00, #fff 100px));

source: http://compass-style.org/reference/compass/css3/images/

(ugly but working) example: http://codepen.io/nobitagit/pen/cFjkv

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Thanks! I feel a bit silly now.... –  musoNic80 Mar 7 '13 at 9:27
This doesn't seem to work for me when I use FireFox. Safari all good, Chrome good. IE < 9 also not working. –  Editor Jun 5 at 8:33
Quite strange as I see it working on FF, re-tested it right now and looks ok. IE9 and below do not support gradients so you should consider adding a fallback if you need to support those versions of IE. See: caniuse.com/#search=gradients for support tables. –  Nobita Jun 5 at 11:56

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