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I have a timestamp with the value 634876488000000000 and the date expected is 04th November 2012, 18:00:00. When I convert it though, the year is 3612 instead of 2012 (the day, month and time are all correct).

Here is an example:


And the output:

04/11/3612 18:00:00
04/11/3612 18:00:00

Upon further research I discovered that if I use Get-Date 634876488000000000 in Powershell, I get the correct, expected date of 04 November 2012 18:00:00.

Could anyone explain how to correctly convert the time stamp to a .NET DateTime object using C# please?

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My first guess was that the number is DateTime.Ticks, just tried the following in Visual studio and I get. {04/11/2012 6:00:00 PM} for:

DateTime dt = DateTime.MinValue.AddTicks(634876488000000000);

Or use the DateTime Constructor which takes ticks as parameter.

DateTime dt = new DateTime(634876488000000000);
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You can use DateTime(long ticks) constructor to get the correct date:

Console.WriteLine((new DateTime(634876488000000000)).ToString());
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isn't ToString() redundant..? – Default Mar 6 '13 at 11:45

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