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What is the correct/cleanest syntax for specifying a mixture of content within a KendoUI SplitterPane?

Additional Information:

I'm using a Splitter in KendoUI and I sometimes have the need to declare a combination of plain html markup alongside various custom HtmlHelpers within a SplitterPane. e.g.

              .Panes(panes =>
                          <div>This is some markup</div>

I'm currently using the @<text> Razor syntax, however it doesn't feel very clean. Are there any better alternatives that I may be overlooking?

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This is the cleanest way - another option which I personally do not suggest is:

          panes.Add().Content(Html.CustomHelpers().SomeCustomHelper().ToHtmlString() +
                      "<div>This is some markup</div>" +
                      Html.CustomHelpers().AnotherCustomHelper() .ToHtmlString()


Basically if you use Html helpers and partial views properly you reach the limitation which does not allow you to insert nested @ tags.

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