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Using .htacess, we can redirect requests like this :

RewriteRule \.(?:txt)$  handle_txt.php

which redirects all requests from .txt to handle_txt.php which sends the output in the required manner.

I want to make this work for django apps, how can I do this?

I mean to say, for example when I am developing the app(using runserver), where should I write that rewriterule ?

I can use .htaccess if I use apache as server.
I can use nginx confs for redirecting if I use nginx.(Am I right?) What about development version( runserver) ?

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You can use django URL dispatcher for this. It's more "django way" and it will work fine on production server as well as on development server. See documentation. Also on production server you need to disable processing of static files that match this the regular expression.

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