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I had a string as

Action Completed-PPN-P1:1234

How can I format to get the words separately to check the condition as

if(string == Action Completed)
if(string == PPN)

How can I format to get above code? Thank you.

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What exactly do you want? To spilt on "-"? –  Boris the Spider Mar 6 '13 at 12:26
is it a and join? ex if (string == Action Completed and string == PPN) –  Arun P Johny Mar 6 '13 at 12:32

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You need to use the String.split method which takes a regex pattern, depending on what you want you need to change the pattern - but to split the string on "-" and ":" you do do this

final String myString = "Action Completed-PPN-P1:1234";

final String[] myStringArr = myString.split("-|:");



[Action Completed, PPN, P1, 1234]
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use .contains method if you want to see if string contains certain characters.For this ,

if(string.contains("Action Completed"))
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Try this

String[] split = "Action Completed-PPN-P1:1234".split("[-:]");
if("Action Completed".equals(split[0])){
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You can use the basic library functions:

String entry = "Action Completed-PPN-P1:1234";
String[] splits = entry.split("-");

Which will give you and array of all this:

splits[0] -- "Action Completed"
splits[1] -- "PPN"
splits[2] -- "P1:1234"
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