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One of library I am working on, requires support of asynchronous operations. This library communicates with external devices using serial port (RS232) which can be quiet slow.

I went through many MSDN articles but I am not feeling confident. I think if you are 100% sure that your multi-threaded application is thread-safe, then it might actually work but if you think it might work, it will surely NOT work.

Please can you suggest any articles/books to learn multi-threading in .net/C#? Something that tells me the right way to implement that in a .NET library (using right patterns etc).

I would prefer a book since a book normally covers a topic thoroughly (whereas articles normally hit a particular topic at once).

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I like this article that's quite good for understanding the base of threading, and that explains the difference between almost all synchronization/threading objects available in the .NET Framework.

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Hmm...A good one. Pretty thorough and qualifies to be called a book. Thanks. – Hemant Oct 6 '09 at 10:28

This was my first step to learning. One of the more advanced steps is Joe Duffy's book. I'm not sure what goes inbetween, for me it was mis-understanding, disaster and woe, I hope your travels are safer. :)

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$17.50 for a good ebook on .NET Multithreading.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 9 available on the site, to get a taster.

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