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After creating an Assistant window in Glade, I am presented with a window with three labels, each representing a page.

But how do I add another page and its corresponding widget?

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  1. Set the number of pages you need in the assistant's properties window. The number of pages should be greater than the number of child page widgets currently added to the assistant window.

  2. Re-order the existing child page widgets by changing their Position property under the Packing tab. You want to end up with the first position (position 0) empty. The easiest way to do this is to increase each child's position by one, starting with the last child.

  3. Now select the assistant-action-area object in the navigator. If no object occupies position 0, you should see a blank space in the Assistant's preview.

  4. Click on a widget from the side panel and add it to the blank area.

  5. Repeat for every page you need to add.

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