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The following code works:

typedef num MyFunc(num);

class ObjectThatIsLikeFunc {
  call(x) => x;

var obj = new ObjectThatIsLikeFunc();
MyFunc g = obj; //works

If, however, ObjectThatIsLikeFunc doesn't have the call method, but defines noSuchMethod instead, it doesn't work.

typedef num MyFunc(num);

class ObjectThatIsLikeFunc {
  noSuchMethod(InvocationMirror) => 100;

I'm getting "is not a subtype of type 'MyFunc'".

My Question: Is there a way to tell the type checker that ObjectThatIsLikeFunc with noSuchMethod can act as MyFunc?

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Short answer, not that I'm aware of. The generalized case is, "how can I have a class that implements noSuchMethod act like any type?" I think I heard some talk of how Dart might allow this, but I couldn't find a reference to it.

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