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I am trying to use the Eclipse Zest Visualization Toolkit to create a graph with 5 different connections.

The 5 connections are outlined in the following paper (Fig 3. Common basic argument structures) - http://www.mit.edu/~irahwan/docs/JWS2008.pdf

Out of the box Zest can create 4 out of the 5 connections i am looking. (All except ii - linked)

I am looking for pointers how to create this connection?

In theory I want to select multiple nodes as the sources, and draw the connection (one connection) to the destination node.

Should I extend the EntityConnectionData object to take a list of sources. Then implement IConnectionStyleProvider, and modify the getRouter() to return my own custom Connection Router?

Thanks in advance, Alan

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Create your own content provider.

  1. If your input consists of elements that are connected, use IGraphEntityContentProvider. You will notice that with the help of getConnectedTo, you can return the children of the passed entity.

  2. If your input consists of connections between elements, use IGraphEntityRelationshipContentProvider. There, you will receive each connection in the getSource and getDestination APIs.

No need to extend EntityConnectionData.

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